Interview with All Else Fails Barrett Klesko: “…we’re doing a Phillipines tour…we’re looking to go overseas and tour Europe…we’re very excited!”

Edmonton, Alberta based metalcore band, All Else Fails, play a well balanced blend of Punk, Metal, and Rock. Adding elements of  Classical music, Electronica influenced synth lines, and spoken word sampling they break the barriers posted by bands and genres of the past. We’ve posted various articles on All Else Fails releasing their third album … Continue reading

Interview with Montreal’s Brass Metal band, Fallstaf: “…we wanted to go back to our metal roots…and it came together naturally”

Rising out of the depths of Montreal, Fallstaf’s newly dubbed “Brass Metal” genre is their own brand of aggressive / heavy hitting metal that ranges in influences from heavy rock to thrash and hardcore. Acquiring the help of “The Hitman” for the trombone and horns assembles, Fallstaf is set to release their debut full length  Bastard … Continue reading


Our second episode of our Halifax Pop Explosion coverage we interviewed The Town Heroes. The Halifax based two piece rock band talk about upcoming gigs, their inspiration and more. Check out the photos we took at the Halifax Pop Explosion on our Facebook Page! [youtube] Cheers, Murray

Interview with Enter Shikari’s Rob Rolfe: “…if our heads get too big for our shoulders, our friends and family will bring us back down to earth”

With over 11 years experience, a name change in 2003, and a recent signing to Hopeless Records in June 2011, Enter Shikari enter the limelight. The band formed in England’s St Albans, Hertfordshire. With their innovative blend of post-hardcore and various electronic genres Enter Shikari push the envelope and show fans a new world all … Continue reading

Interview with Anthony Menecola of Toronto’s Archives: “…this whole experience and everything we’ve gone through have bettered the entire dynamic of the band…”

Founded in 2009 Toronto’s Archives focus on a post-rock and roll genre as well as a pot, filled with a few principles that they list in their bio; respect, brotherhood, and good tunes. The band just released a brand new EP and are currently finishing up their latest tour. I sat down with bassist and … Continue reading

Interview with Warbeast’s Bruce Corbitt: “…I feel like we can top ourselves on the second release!”

Warbeast, a metal supergroup from Dallas Texas formed of members of Gammacide, Rigor Mortis, Rotting Corpse and Hammer Witch as well as being on the current roster for Phil Anselmo’s Label, Housecore Records. The band, originally founded under the moniker Texas Metal Alliance, has no inhibitions about having a true  old school  Thrash feel. Their … Continue reading

Interview with bassist Josh Gilbert of As I Lay Dying: “This is a release for fans to hear new stuff we’re writing and to celebrate the ten years”

San Diego, California metalcore group, As I Lay Dying have always been a staple of a true, passionate metal sound to me personally. I remember first being introduced to heavier music at a church youth group, keeping in mind that Pillar and Kutless were the heaviest bands I had heard at the time. As I Lay … Continue reading

Episode 1 of the Halifax Pop Explosion: Keys N Krates interview!

In the first episode of our stellar Halifax Pop Explosion coverage we have a collaboration of some footage we took along with our interview with the awe-inspiring Keys N Krates. The Toronto, Ontario three piece combine the skill of turntables, live sampling as well as the precision of live keys and drumming. They explain how … Continue reading

Interview with Steffen Kummerer of Obscura: “What is this band from Germany doing in our Country?”

Man oh man, have I got an exciting article for you! I sat down over the phone with Steffen Kummerer of Obscura yesterday. The German 7-string shredding, Metal masters were posted up at the Relapse Records office preparing to embark on the tour that launches today and takes them all across North America, so check … Continue reading

NinjaSpy get a dose of East Coast love in Halifax with friends We’re Doomed and Severance!

We finally have the pics and vids of Vancouver’s Reaggae-Ska-Metal act, NinjaSpy! Lead guitarist/vocalist Joel Parent talks to us about the east coast, the bands inspiration, having fun with music and how he would describe the band! Throughout the video you’ll see techno dance parties, empty beer bottles, random Budha’s and more crazy antics! Check … Continue reading